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What are the benefits of converting Traditional Money into ETS.

Fast Transfers

ETS transactions can take just about 1 minutes to complete. You can send ETS anywhere and it will arrive minutes later. As soon as the ETS network processes the payment, it is transferred.

Easy to Use

ETS’s address can be set up very quickly and with no fees. ETS is easy to send. Instead of filling out forms with your address, credit card number, etc., you can simply send money to an electronic address.

Freedom to Transact

ETS does not have a controlling intermediary, there is more freedom to transact. With traditional currency, funds can be frozen or seized by an intermediary such as PayPal, or by the government.


With ETS, there is no risk of money printing by a government that could dilute your savings. Creation of ETS happens at a stable rate and halves every four years, creating a limited supply of 130 million units.

Free to Transfer and Hold

ETS is not a company or a business. It does not charge its customer to use the service. It is an open source technology. As such, bitcoin, Ehereum are completely free to transfer and hold.

Privacy Protection

ETS is extremely transparent as the public ledger gives complete visibility into where transactions come from and where they are sent. On the other hand, no one knows who holds a particular ETS address.

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More to Discover

ETS can solve problems as well as offer improvements. Below are some of the advantages ETS has over traditional currencies.


No Chargeback Risk

ETS does not subject merchants to chargeback risk the way credit cards do. Once ETS is sent, it can’t be retrieved (unless the recipient returns them). ETS, like cash, are irrevocable. Merchants don’t have to worry providing a good or service, only to have a customer void the credit card transaction. For some businesses, chargebacks can really eat into profit margins.


ETS can not be destroyed or damaged. Supply of Gold can be manipulated if more gold is found or if it is destroyed. Physical currency (cash) can be counterfeited or destroyed. Changes to supply result in changes in price.




ETS is electronic, it is easy to store and carry. Gold is actually quite heavy and takes up a lot of physical space. ETS can be stored on a portable credit card sized device or simply online. It could be hard to carry around gold and use it for regular purchases.

Traditional Money collapse

Since 2008 the United States has been in economic trouble. The current debate over the (fiscal cliff) has placed this economic distress and its origins back on the public radar. In retrospect, the origins of the housing bubble and Wall Street meltdown seem inevitable. There have been numerous financial meltdowns in the past that have their origins in even more bizarre and obviously flawed schemes and demonetisation like Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, North Korea, India. in India it happen in 2017 which was 86% which definitely was a big concern, as many of the small investors who were already facing the inflation has to deal with this government action.


Growth Potential

Whenever any stakeholder convert his/her ETS against Land all those ETS coins will be locked for next 5 yrs, so the price growth is sure and as their are limited number of ETS in the market and no new ETS will be genrated in future so no inflation in the future.

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Security of your Investment

We will give the guaranty of your hard earn money and which will cover 100% of your Investment in case of any market volatility. You will never loos you base* investment. We have shaken hands with some the hot properties of the world any investor can convert ETH in to Land in any of the given projects just by sending ETS coin to company.

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